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What ensign are on your plate? - sustenance


Can the insignia on your plate tell you what shape payback you are getting?

As researchers are education more and more about the foods we eat there is one hot topic that keeps appearance up?. phytochemicals. You may have heard the hottest craze for lycopene found in tomato crop audacity its heart healthiness benefits. Phytochemicals are in nature energetic chemicals (not classified as vitamins or minerals) found in foods that our bodies may use as part of their disease-fighting arsenal. A definite tomato or carroty contains, hundreds, and maybe thousands, of phytochemicals. This is very exciting news for researchers since many of these phytochemicals act as antioxidants and also afford other reimbursement for bane prevention. They have also found that the color of the cooked part of our fruits and vegetables can tell us what class of phytochemicals it contains and therefore, what healthiness reimbursement we can obtain. Finally! Now when your nurse says eat your vegetables, their good for you? we can see how they are good for us!

Blue/Purple (blueberries, grapes, eggplant, plums)
Health Benefits:
a lower risk of some cancers,
aids in reminiscence function, and
healthy aging

Green (spinach, broccoli, salad greens, green peppers, honeydew, kiwi)
Health Benefits:
a lower risk of some cancers,
vision health, and
strong bones and teeth

White (onions, bananas, garlic)
Health Benefits:
healthy heart, and
a lower risk of some cancers

Yellow/Orange (oranges, fair-haired and red bell peppers, fair watermelon, carrots)
Health Benefits:
healthy heart,
vision health,
improved immune system, and
a lower risk of some cancers

Red (strawberries, red bell peppers, pink watermelon)
Health Benefits:
healthy Heart,
improved reminiscence function, and
a lower risk of some cancers

Now you can enjoy a gaudy plate of food and advance your fitness at the same time!

© Meri Raffetto, 2004

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Owner of Real Alive Food Services, Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian and a acclaimed expert in the area of food and wellness. She offers creature sustenance analysis and has industrial one of the only non-diet online credence management programs free on the internet. For more in a row or to sign up for Real Living's free nourishment newsletter, visit http://www. reallivingnutrition. com.


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