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The consider concerning Fluoride continues to rage, is it good for your teeth or, the teeth of our children. There does not act to be a analysis available, devoid of bias, that goes one way or the other.

We could say that Fluoridisation of the water amount is an classy exercise, for the reason that it is only anticipated for drinking, but is in point of fact being used for washing clothes, cars, used in showers and baths, also for watering the gardens and lawns. Obviously a more cost efficient option, would be to bring in those that want it, with Fluoride Tablets, then we would not all be enforced into consuming it daily and it would not be atrophied on gardens, etc.

The Fluoridisation agent used by most water establishment all through the world is sourced from phosphate fertiliser plants, and is an built-up grade that can control traces of Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and other real goodies. also they have never been experienced for security in humans, see http://www. flouridealert. org/phosphate/overview. htm The more costly pharmaceutical grade of Flouride, sodium salt is seldom used.

Most dentists, for some argue are in favour of the use of fluoride, but, there is a group in Ireland fighting to have it taken out of the water goods in Ireland, there are over 60 dentists that are members of the group called "Irish Dentists Competing Fluoridation".

When you believe all the chemicals that the establishment previously put in the water supplies, plus all the other chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, that also run in to the supply, do we certainly need to add more.

I live in an area of Australia, where there are large areas of Sugar Cane and Tomatoes growing, unindustrialized these crops being one of the main industries. The farmers are commonly spraying the crops, with all sorts of chemicals, our water contribute originates from a weir on the river, when it rains, where does all the run off from the farms go, yes, thats right, into the river.

I once asked our local ability Physical condition Inspector, Why does the water bring taste so awful? His key was "Unfortunately, our bring in comes from a weir on the river, and a river is one of natures drains, so we have to put substancial amounts of chemicals, in to the supply, to make it fit for human consumption".

We amass precipitation in a 300 gallon tank, which we use for drinking, tea, chocolate and cooking purposes, but we do all the time boil it beforehand using. The customary bring in is just used for washing, dip and watering. Whatever the forthcoming decisions are on Fluoride, we will not be drinking it, if you have children, I would commend that you do some do research yourself, then make your own decision. I feel that we are generous our brood far too many chemicals already, not including having any choice.

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