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Time line of the advance of glycobiology and glyconutritionals - food


1880s - Classification of monosaccharides by Emil Fischer.

1952 - Fresh, not aged, Aloe gel heals radiation burns on rabbits (Clarence C. Lushbaugh, Corruption 1953 vol. 6)

1970 - 500 glycobiology id published.

1976 - Delve into paper identifies the 8 sugars found in biological glycoproteins and glycolipids.

1980 - 1500 glycobiology id published.

1990 - 4000 glycobiology id published.

1990 - Journal of Glycobiology in progress by Oxford University.

1990 - "Capitalizing on Carbohydrates" by John Hodgson in BioTechnology, Vol 8 Feb. 1990 discussing cell surfaces containing carbohydrates caught up in intercellular announcement and basic for immune function.

1992 - Committed factor in Aloe gel is stabilized.

1995 - Nature: cell apparent sugars de rigueur for appreciation and immune function.

1996 - Harper's Biochemistry, Murray et al. : episode on glycoproteins focuses on the 8 crucial sugars used in glycoproteins and glycolipids for cellular communication.

1998 - Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, January, vol. 33, #1, Articles on ADHD & Fibromyalgia

1998 - Acta Anatomica: exclusive March issue on glycoscience; emphasizes that in sequence at ease of biological sugar combinations exceeds that of the DNA code.

1998 - Good for your health humans given radiologically labeled galactose, mannose and glucose incorporate all three candidly into glycoproteins, proving that the body uses the another sugars as nutrients candidly from the diet, as a replacement for of manufacturing them all from glucose alone. Biochimie - 2002 fresh advances.

2000 - Now over 8000 glycobiology credentials published.

2000 - GlycoScience. org website; March.

2000 - Newton Detailed Skill Magazine: the skill of cellular messaging.

2001 - Science: March 23 issue skin texture "Carbohydrates and Glycobiology"; reviews structural and functional uses of 8 dangerous sugars in cellular physiology.

2001 - Physicians Desk Citation (PDR ) for Non-Prescription Drugs and Dietetic Supplements lists for the first time glyconutrient complex, precursors for hormone health, and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables,

2001 - Blow of Glycobiology on Medicine (PDF) TRENDS in Immunology Vol 22 No 5 May 2001 Dr John Axford MD - Past Leader of the Royal Association of Medicine, London England says. . . "It is now appropriate increasingly clear how crucial it is to appreciate these changes, to gain insight into their involvement in disease mechanisms and the capability for beneficial interventions. "

2001 - NIH grants conglomerate $34 million to study cell-cell communiqu? interactions.

2002 - Australian Journal of Chemistry 55(2): Carbohydrates Exclusive Issue

2002 - The Scientist 16:9 April 29 "Glycobiology Goes to the Ball. "

2002 - France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom issue patents for a glyconutritional formula to Mannatech.

2002 - Controlled American: July, "Sweet Medicine: House Develop Drugs from Sugars"

2002 - New Scientist Archive: October story quotation marks JHU biochemist emphasizing glycobiology as the hope of immunology, neurology, developmental biology, and disease research.

2002 - CAM: Book 2, Issue 5 - December 2002 "Arthritis - Using the New Glyconutritionals. "

2003 - M. I. T. Expertise Review: February: "Glycomics" identified as "One of 10 Emerging Technologies That Will Adjust the World. "

2003 - Yahoo lists 63,000 entries for the glyconutrient "mannose"

2003 - Book - Knowledge or Miracle? by George DuBouch, Ph. D

2003 - Book "Miracle Sugars" by Elkins, Rita 50 page Mini-Book introducing anyone to the know-how of Glyconutrition.

2004 - CD - Sweet Life by Momentum Media

2004 - June 8, Psychology Today Magazine "How Sweet It Is" Summary: Some sugars are good for your health

2004 - Book - How To Continue on a Toxic World by Dr. Steve Nugent

2004 - DVD - Meaning of Glyconutrients by H. Reginald McDaniel, M. D.

2004 - DVD - Glyconutrients and Stem Cell Fabrication by H. Reginald McDaniel, M. D.

2004 - November Certified & Guarantee by Academia of Miami Drill of Medicine, Apportionment of Complementary Medicine

For more info delight see: http://glyconutritionals. myglycostore. com/go/research Zach Thompson works Worldwide as a Glyconutritional Consultant. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He consults primarily in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand.


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