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Ambrotose® - the Dietetic Alphabet of the "Sweet Dialect of Life"

The story begins with Aloe Vera. The discovery of Ambrotose® especially dates back to the 1980's. Dr. Bill McAnalley, do research pharmacologist, was firm to associate the dynamic constituent in Aloe Vera. After many years, and all-embracing documentation, he did, indeed, come across the amount in Aloe Vera linked with the health-promoting properties historically attributed to its use. The energetic ingredient was a carbohydrate with many mannose sugar molecules allied together. He found that Aloe crop are not actual except the committed carbohydrate molecule has been stabilized all through a special, original administer he discovered. Today, both pharmaceutical and relating to diet supplement versions of this even Aloe substance are available, and they are bubble-like by over 100 patents in frequent countries. The nutritional supplement form was named Manapol®.

Positive Feedback

The assured opinion from the all-embracing use of Manapol® was over-whelming. Dr. McAnalley's do research had demonstrated the immune-supportive properties of Manapol®. However, the activist comment made it clear that many of the consequences were not imperfect to immune support. For instance, there were abundant hearsay of enhanced cognitive (mental) function. ** This puzzled Dr. McAnalley.

The Carbohydrate Connection

By now, Dr. McAnalley was one of the most erudite scientists in the world in the mysterious, little-known field of carbohydrate research. Additional delve into led him to take a earlier look at the "carbohydrate connection. " The Journal, Biotechnology (February,1990), states that "Almost exclusive of exception, at whatever time two or more active cells interrelate in a definite way, cell ascend carbohydrates will be involved. " In other words, all breathing cells have I. D. Codes on their surfaces, and these I. D. codes tell every other cell "who" they are, what they do, and whether or not they are healthy. The alphabet for that consultation is made up of carbohydrates. This I. D. Code classification is so basic to human life that it is the means by which a sperm recognizes an egg for the determination of fertilization.

These carbohydrates are not the be around nutritional ones accessible at the grocery store. The 1996 journal of Harper's Biochemistry (chapter on Glycoproteins by Dr. Robert K Murray) identifies eight, little-known, chief carbohydrates compulsory for the conception of cellular "words. "

Dr. McAnalley, effective with Dr. H. Reginald McDaniel, saw that "mannose," the carbohydrate in Manapol,® was planned as one of those eight basic carbohydrates. He hypothesized that the aura of the mannose in the Manapol® could be chief to enhanced cell-to-cell communication. He realized that this could clarify the affirmative fallout that were not completely coupled to immune function. He realized that the appropriate cellular "words" were central for the efficient manifestation of the genetic code (your body's blueprint) and could, thereby, have a crucial role in every characteristic of the maintenance of optimal health.

Since the advice from colonize after addition mannose (via Manapol®) to the diet had been so positive, Dr. McAnalley and Dr. McDaniel categorical to put as one a dietetic blend of all the chief carbohydrates connected with cell-to-cell contact (including Manapol®). These nutrients are called glyconutritionals (carbohydrate nutrients). Ambrotose® is a glyconutritional complex. The discovery of involving the biochemical acquaintance to the field of relating to diet art was careful "new science," building it achievable to apply for patents. Dr. McAnalley named the substance after the Greek word for "ambrosia," i. e. "ambrotos. " He added the "e" at the end of the word because, in chemistry, a substance that is a carbohydrate ends in "ose. " So, metaphorically, Ambrotose® is the carbohydrate that is the food for eternal life ! I would obliterate the word eternal.

**Since the concept of Ambrotose®, many researchers have established these original observations and in print their domino effect in peer-reviewed publications.

Ambrotose® - an "essential" carbohydrate formula - the food "alphabet" of the "sweet idiom of life. "

Many experts in sustenance feel that Dr. McAnalley's and Dr. McDaniel's discovery of Ambrotose® has exposed an unsuspected "nutritional deficiency. "Throughout the 20th century, many setting brain wave to be contagious were later exposed to be food deficiencies. These deficiencies have been caused by a wide range of changes in the way that food is now grown and processed. Deficiencies in chief vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), and fats are now well recognized. However, it was not alleged that there might be deficiencies in "essential" carbohydrates. Even if a "nutritional deficiency" has not been officially determined, it is assumed that the dispensation of food has aloof many of the carbohydrates now measured chief for cellular communication. For example, actual maple syrup contains many of these carbohydrates while the classic maple-flavored syrups do not. Auxiliary legalization of the "essential" character of these carbohydrates can be found in an commentary about the payback of breastfeeding (Science & Medicine, 1997). Five of the eight carbohydrates painstaking chief for cell-to-cell consultation have been found to be crucial ingredients in human breast milk.

Since we can no longer count on these chief carbohydrates being in our diets, supplementation is the only way to be a selection of that we get an adequate amount of of these key nutrients.

Scientists are attractive a look at this discovery

Cell-to-cell announcement is chief for accurate immune function. Copious scientists and doctors are validating the remuneration of addition Ambrotose® to the diet all through a category of case studies. Even Dr. Robert K. Murray, the cause of the episode in Harper's Biochemistry mentioned above, has befall fascinated with the dietary attention of his discovery.

Explosion in examine into the bond among carbohydrates and health

A worldwide explosion of examination into glycoproteins and carbohydrate therapeutics is accelerating. In fact there are approximately 54 articles being in print every day in this field.

A distinctive magazine of Acta Anatomica on "Glycosciences" was just in print by Karger. The text and tables of filling of this exceptional book are obtainable online

(www. karger. com/journals/aan/aancont. htm). The abrupt on the back page states that "monosaccharides act for an alphabet of biological in sequence comparable to amino acids and nucleic acids, but with consummate coding capacity. " The preface indicates that the "words" constructed from the carbohydrate alphabet mentioned above are the "sweet idiom of life. "

In order to attain the papers referred to in this chat visit www. glycoscience. org for more information.

Dedicated to curing a sick planet, Mannatech's Ambrotose Complex is the best hope for a world in which so many are distress needlessly.


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