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Whats absent could be building you sick - food


Here's a bit you doubtless don't know. The fruit and vegetables you eat today are not as healthy as the food from fifty years ago.

Who says so? The USDA. When you contrast the Food Concerto Tables from the 1950 Crop growing Handbook with the most modern version, you'll see the shocking truth.

In fact, that is accurately what researchers Donald Davis, Melvin Epp, and Hugh Riordan did. They compared the data for 43 patch crops. They found that the group of vegetables showed "statistical consistent declines" for many nutrients.

There was less riboflavin, protein, iron, vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and other nutrients. In some cases the nutrient drop was more than 50%.

The cause of these nutrient losses may have been from changes in the vegetable varieties, according to the researchers. It seems that the plant breeders are more fascinated in vegetables that ship well and look good on store shelves. Beginning is all when it comes to creating profits. Sustenance is a consequent consideration.

Not mentioned was the probable lack of trace plant nutrients in soil that has been mined by unsustainable rural practices over the years. This is what the organic rural colonize have been axiom for years.

The nourishment deficiency in about all colonize is made even worse by our food choices. Instant, prepackaged, processed foods bring refined carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and a small amount else. It's a lot like the undeveloped practices that feed the crops with high nitrogen substance fertilizers, potassium, and phosphorus and nobody else.

We end up intake bloated, unhealthy, nutrient not there foods that give us bloated, unhealthy bodies. Could this be the real cause of the developing corpulence catch about the world? We're all over-stuffing ourselves annoying to get the diet our body's acumen knows we need to be healthy.

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