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Drinking for success: breakfast for the busy corporate - sustenance


The first place that we cut corners when we are busy or stressed is our ingestion and in distinct our breakfast. The food you eat forms the very edifice blocks of your body, but most of us have lost sight of the fact that food is fuel and that the determination of consumption is to bestow our bodies with the tools they need for energy, functioning, construction and maintenance. We eat for a category of another reasons, none of which associate to the idea of if our bodies with attribute fuel. We eat unconsciously, we use food to fill emotional voids or to be companionable and we fill our bodies with clothes that we all know aren't good for us - in effect, moderately than using food as basic fuel, we use it to inflict harm on ourselves.

Here are 3 options for a quick and easy, good for your health breakfast to kick start your day. All recipes take only five notes or less to prepare.

1. Protein Power Shake - Mix in a liquidizer - 1 piece of fruit i. e. banana or mango are divine

1. 1 handful of almonds (for protein and good fats)
2. Milk or Water for liquid (I use water to save the extra calories)
3. 1 dessertspoon of flaxseed oil (for good fats)
4. Cinnamon or nutmeg to taste

2. Protein Pan Cakes -

1. Beat 2 tablespoons of raw rolled oats into 2 egg whites and cook on a hot pan (no oil)
2. Top with a piece of fruit chopped up, low fat chalet cheese and some real maple syrup or honey.

3. Cottage Cheese, Nuts and Fruit - This is the quickest, cut up a piece of fruit, top with a handful of raw almonds and some low fat chalet cheese. Eat and go.

All of these quick breakfasts can be equipped and eaten at home in a space where you can mentally arrange for the day. Intake on the run at work is not feeding your body energy.

Start the day with a clean breakfast at home.

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