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It is often taken as a given fact that soy is beneficial to our health, and that it is absolutely a better different to dairy goods and meat. However, it is rare that a person in point of fact any asks or informs us of what soy is or why we must consume it.

Soy - Where does it come from?

The origins of soy can be traced back to Japan from as early as 2800 B. C. Since then, it has been a prominent article of the Asian diet and has been allied to the lower frequency of blight in those native to this area (especially in contrast to the UK and the USA).

Soy was first introduced in Europe in the early 18th Century and has gone from being used more or less exclusively as bodily feed to a multi-billion dough industry.

What is it?

Soy is a abundantly healthful legume which has over a 40% protein content, omega3 fatty acids, high fibre at ease and contains 'isoflavones' which are known to do an impression of the property of actual estrogens. Also known as glycine soja (wild soybean), soybeans are the world's chief find of vegetable protein and control all of the critical amino acids, which gives it the title of a 'complete protein'.

Why Consume Soy?

Aside from the noticeable payback to consuming soy outlined above, there are more than a few more definite reasons as to why soy would be a smart accumulation to any diet or lifestyle. Soy has been given more and more interest in terms of do research over the past decade and the next have been the most prominent discoveries:

  • Soy can help foil heart disease;
  • Soy has been shown to assistance those with, and prevent, Type 2 Diabetes;
  • Soy can help foil Bane of the Breast, Colon, Uterus and Prostate;
  • Soy can help to avoid osteoporosis;
  • The high protein at ease of Soy can advance energetic performance;

Making Soy a Part of Your Diet

This is not as challenging as it sounds as soy crop are appropriate more and more cheerfully free (in all shapes, sizes and flavours) and gear such as soy milk makers, and tofu kits are now accessible for home use, as well as commercial.

Probably the main step towards ever-increasing soy in your diet (and replacing dairy) is gained from converting to soy milk. Even though some ancestors find the taste of soy milk, 'different' to that of cow's milk, by transitioning, this can by a long way be overcome.

By amalgamation soy with cow's milk, in incremental steps over the episode of a month or so, it can be comparatively easy to transition.

Suggested Transition:

Weeks 1-2: Use 25% Soy, and 75% cow's milk on cereals and for drinking 'neat'. Use soy in chocolate and tea, but with a get water on of milk. Change 25% of common flour with soy flour when baking. Use soy milk in smoothies where the taste is much weaker than on cereals.

Weeks 2-4: Split 50-50 when using milk and flour. Use only soy in tea and chocolate and have a scoop of soy-based 'ice cream' along with conventional ice-cream.

Week 4+: Add to split to 25-75 in favour of soy milk and flour. Carry on at this level until you feel accustomed to the taste of soy milk and other soy products.

It will not be long until your taste alters and you genuine begin to desire the taste of soy milk, exceptionally in drinks such as smoothies, where soy gives a much more cream taste.

Recommended Soy Products/Brands

At EFL we heartily commend the following:

  • 'Winner' Swedish Glace (tastes like Mr Whippy style ice-cream!)
  • EasyGreen Sprouter (for emergent Soy seeds)
  • Provamel Yoghurts
  • Innerlight SuperSoy
  • Alpro/Provamel Unsweetened Soya Milk
  • Trader Joes Soya Milk (if you can find it in the UK or Europe)
  • SoyaFresh! Home Soya Milk Maker
  • SoyaFresh! Home Tofu Kit
  • Vogel's Ultra Bran, Soya & Linseed Cereal

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