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I'm sure by now you've heard all about the amazing fitness reimbursement of antioxidant rich foods in your diet. Not only do these free-radical fighting antioxidants help you look and feel younger by slowing down the aging process, but they also help to check cancer, heart disease, and loads of other degenerative diseases. But that's not all. Antioxidants also help you to convalesce beat from exercise. . . and that means more muscle and less fat on your body in the long run!

The act that antioxidants play in aiding your recovery from apply is the inhibition of free radicals fashioned at some stage in exercise. Any time you workout, free radicals are bent in the body that break muscle tissue. Having an ample contribute of antioxidants about an hour or so already your calisthenics can completely cut down the muscle dent caused by free radicals, hence, humanizing your brawny recovery from exercise.

Some of the most forceful sources of whole food antioxidants are berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries), cherries, acai fruit, a mixture of teas (green tea, white tea, black tea, and red tea - a. k. a. rooibos tea), nuts, seeds, red and black beans, purple potatoes, grapes, red wine, cinnamon, and dark chocolate or cocoa. Don't be fooled by all of the intense marketing for costly antioxidant supplement pills. . . remember whole foods are continually change for the better for you (and cheaper) than a pill.

My choice pre-workout antioxidant-loaded snack is a piece of whole grain toast with almond butter, a small quantity of blackberry jam, and topped with a pile of fresh blueberries or sliced strawberries. I wash it down with a glass of iced green tea or rooibos tea sugared with just a small bit (about a teaspoon) of raw honey. This is plainly a quintuple-whammy of heady anti-oxidants! The almond butter, blackberry, blueberries, raw honey, and the green or rooibos tea are all affluent with assorted varieties of muscle protecting, youth promoting antioxidants. I throw down this snack about an hour beforehand my training. Give it a try for yourself, or be creative and come up with your own antioxidant-rich pre-workout snack based on your tastes.

Remember, your body is incessantly bombarded every day by free radicals (creating oxidative stress) from exercise, air pollution, smoke, sun exposure, junk food, exposure to chemicals, etc. To reap the full profit of antioxidants, try to make sure that every meal and snack you eat has at least one or two sources of antioxidant rich foods. This will give you a incessant amount of antioxidants all through every day to avoid dent from the free radicals you are constantly exposed to.

Antioxidants are just one piece to the puzzle of a good for you diet that will give you the lean, muscular, youthful, and disease-free body that all wants. To ascertain the secrets at the back of all of the other pieces to the diet puzzle that build a lean body (macronutrient profile, glycemic response, hormonal response, glycogen storage, muscle protein synthesis, the role of leptin, the insulin process, etc. ), visit http://truthaboutabs. com

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Michael Geary - NCSF CPT, AFAA CPT;
Author of "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" 2004-2005
Visit http://truthaboutabs. com to determine innovative instruction and relating to diet strategies for bringing up the rear body fat and budding a rock hard body!


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