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Mannatech's patent-pending glyconutrients complex, Ambrotose, is i don't know the most wellness ascertain in the last 50 years. By appreciation it, you are in a change for the better attitude to help others apprehend that they too would have this out of the ordinary nutrient Ambrotose center running on their behalf as well.

The creation in a row site on Ambrotose has a wealth of in rank at your command.

For your convenience, Ambrotose comes in numerous formats: capsules with lecithin, capsules lacking lecithin (for those allergic to soy), and two sizes of bulk powder. Ambrotose capsules, along with PhytAloe and Plus, are in by yourself wrapped packets in our super-convenient Optimal Fitness Pack. Ambrotose AO is now obtainable as Super Antioxidant Blend with all the same nutrients of Ambrotose.

The gain of the capsules is convenience. The benefit of the ambrotose bulk powder is cost savings.

Read on if you'd like to know more about the story of Ambrotose. . .

The story of Ambrotose begins with Aloe Vera. In the 1980's, Dr. Bill McAnalley, a delve into pharmacologist, was gritty to categorize the dynamic factor in Aloe Vera. After many years he exposed the functional element in Aloe Vera that is answerable for its health-promoting properties. To his surprise, the energetic ingredient was a carbohydrate with many mannose sugar molecules allied together.

He found that Aloe food are not helpful if the committed carbohydrate molecule has been stabilized, and he urban a special, untested course of action to argue that effectiveness. Today the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement versions of this consistent Aloe substance are confined by over 100 patents in copious countries. The nutritional supplement form was named Manapol.

Positive Feedback

The assured advice from the all-embracing use of Manapol awesomely demonstrated that it ropes the immune system. However, it was also clear that many of the fallout were not inadequate to immune support. For instance, there were abundant gossip of better cognitive (mental) function. This puzzled Dr. McAnalley.

The Carbohydrate Association - Ambrotose becomes a reality. By now, Dr. McAnalley was one of the most erudite scientists in the world in the mysterious, little-known field of carbohydrate research. Additional study led him to take a nearer look at the carbohydrate connection. The journal, Biotechnology (February, 1990), confirmed that about lacking exception, every time two or more alive cells intermingle in a detail way, cell apparent carbohydrates will be involved. These cell become known codes tell every other cell who they are, what they do, and whether or not they are healthy. The alphabet for that consultation is made up of carbohydrates, or down-to-earth sugars (NOT table sugar!). This code approach is so basic to human life that it is the means by which a sperm recognizes an egg for the end of fertilization.

The 1996 journal of Harper's Biochemistry (chapter on Glycoproteins by Dr. Robert K. Murray) identifies eight chief carbohydrates basic for the concept of cellular words. By the way ambrotose is a artifact that gives the body these 8 central carbohydrates. When Dr. McAnalley saw that mannose, the carbohydrate in Manapol, was planned as one of those eight critical carbohydrates, it all ongoing to make sense.

This could also defend the activist fallout that were not completely connected to immune function. He realized that the apposite cellular words (glycoproteins) were central for the effectual manifestation of the genetic code - the body's drawing - and that appropriate cell-to-cell consultation could have a crucial role in every characteristic of the maintenance of optimal health. Since only two of the eight carbohydrates identified in Harper's Biochemistry are found in passable quantities in our avant-garde diets, Dr. McAnalley certain to find good plant sources of all central carbohydrates connected with cell-to-cell announcement (including Manapol) and amalgamate them in a food supplement.

These nutrients are called glyconutritients. Dr. McAnalley called his new consequence "Ambrotose" since the Greek word, ambrosia, means "nectar of the immortals. " He added the "e" at the end of the word since in chemistry, a substance that is a sugar ends in "ose. " The discovery concerning this biochemical data to the field of dietetic knowledge made it feasible to apply for intercontinental patents for his new complex.

In his early days of discovering the effectiveness of carbohydrates in immune support, other scientists laughed at him -- to think that carbohydrates played such an chief role was ludicrous! The Knowledge after ambrotose is shifting many view points to assistance ambrotose's importance. Now, the consequence of carbohydrates is well established, and examination in the field of glycobiology is accelerating.

In 1997 Knowledge & Medicine reported that five of the eight carbohydrates careful basic for cell-to cell announcement have been found in human breast milk. In 1998 a respected exact journal, Acta Anatomica, available a elite magazine on Glycosciences.

The cover of the March 23, 2001 issue of Art Magazine shows a adventure of carbohydrates on the ascend of a cell, and contains a division of articles on Carbohydrates and Glycobiology, together with "Saving Lives with Sugar. " On page 2352, Fig. 1 displays the structures and names of eight sugars -- the same ones that are by now accessible in Ambrotose! The cover of the July issue of Exact American also featured a amount of amazing condition on this same topic - Glycobiology. All of this provides beefy assistance for the need for ambrotose in our bodies.

There's no effective where this story will end, but the most exciting part of the story is the brunt that Ambrotose is having on the physical condition of so many people.

Medical Disclaimer: I am not medically certified to detect or treat people. The aim of this website is to bestow class fitness and dietary in order for it's readers, but not to change the assistance of their physicians.

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