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Omega 3 fat is good for your heart and for your brain - food


Scandinavian fishermen are a fit bunch. It had long been known that they live longer and have much less heart and blood-pressure allied diseases than their European counterparts.

Their diet of cold-water fish, while not known for category or sophistication, had been so-called to brace their health. Now the logical examine gives extra accept to this claim.

Eating fish high in fats like sardines and salmon might help to avoid Alzheimer's disease. Such fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids, and those acids avoid build-up of amyloid in a brain. Those are fallout of the examination study available in the Journal of Neuroscience.

In this study, researchers from the Alzheimer's Disease Examine Base at UCLA experiential two groups of older mice that had been genetically engineered to acquire Alzheimer's disease. They fed one group food that was prepared with docosahexenoic acid (DHA), the Omega-3 fatty acid found in numerous types of cold-water fish, and they fed the other group a diet low in DHA.

After five months, the brains of mice who were fed the DHA-rich diet had 70 percent less build-up of amyloid, a waxy deposit of protein and polysaccharides in the brain allied with Alzheimer's. More work is considered necessary to agree on if Omega-3 fatty acids can avoid a alike build-up in human brains.

The scientists are very optimistic on this subject. Their examination had shown that ingestion Omega-3 fatty acids also has defensive achieve on human hearts tissues.

While the delve into is still in its preliminary stages, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has by now certain to allow the next certified healthiness claim on foods containing Omega-3 acids: "Supportive but not beyond question delve into shows that expenditure of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may cut the risk of coronary heart disease. "

What does it mean to you? It is well known that the compensation to your heart and brain tissues don't start in the far ahead age. They are built up bit by bit over many years. So the faster you start varying your diet away from those fat read meats, the beat fitness you will enjoy in your later years.

There is a bit else we can learn from those Scandinavian fishermen - they seldom cook their fat fish over high temperatures. They educated from a long come into contact with that a high-temperature cooking destroys many beneficial nutrients.

They also industrial many candid techniques for cold-smoking their fish. This is a process, in which fish is being salty first, and then subjected to a very low heat over extensive episode of time. If you are air adventurous, you can learn to do the same. The taste is delicious.

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