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Green tea and your fitness - food


Green tea has been used as for health check remedies in China since antediluvian times. It was said to have many healthiness profit and be a remedy for many ailments. It is also said that the Japanese owe their slim information to green tea.

Today, scientist in Asia and the west are as long as logical corroborate that green tea is a charity performance to our health. An anti-oxidant call EGCG that is in green tea is the main cause of this.

Green tea has been shown to do many belongings including:

- Inhibit the cyst of new corruption cells and kill offered blight cells

- Promote burden loss portion the body burn up to 10 percent more body fat.

- Augment energy expenditure up to 4 percent.

- Foil the rust of LDL cholesterol.

- Bring down the risk of colon, breast, and lung cancer.

- Boost the immune system.

- Have an anti-inflammatory appearance assembly it a good supplement for those with arthritis.

- Help in the prevention of tooth decay.

Green Tea Differs from Other Types of Tea

What makes green tea altered from other tea is the course in which it is made. Made from the plant of Camellia sinensis, the foliage are steamed after being detached from the plant so that rust of the foliage is prevented. By doing this the foliage hang about green and dynamic substances that are enclosed in the trees keep their beneficial qualities.

Side Personal property of Green Tea

There are no reported dangerous side personal property in drinking green tea or compelling green tea dig out capsules. Thus assembly green tea one of the best supplements available.

Use of Green Tea

There are 2 ways of supplementing your diet with green tea:

- Drinking green tea: 2 to 3 cups daily.

- Green tea capsules or tablets: 2 capsules or pills of green tea drag daily.

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