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Originally, all foods were "organic" - grown and all set exclusive of pesticides, herbicides, element fertilizers, hormones, irradiation to foil spoilage, and microwave cooking.

Our food these days, whether of vegetable or brute origin, is not only imperfect in nutrients but also full of pollutants and farm chemicals. The advanced denaturing of foods all the way through colossal refining and element care extremely affects their EnergyRich ? qualities, assembly them devoid of the exact boost that we ought to be getting from our food.

Not only are they not benevolent us that KICK that we need, but many EnergyPoor? foods could in reality be construction us sick. As pesticides get blocked and add to in our tissues, the immune approach becomes weakened, allowing other carcinogens and pathogens to assume our health. Yuck!

Top five reasons to shop and eat organic foods

1. Fresh organic bring into being contains on be an average of 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce.

2. If you eat dairy or meat products, ingestion organic has never been more critical to safeguard your health. Intensively reared dairy cows and farm animals are fed dangerous antibiotics, advance hormones, anti-parasite drugs and many other medicines on a daily basis, whether they have an illness or not. These drugs are passed absolutely onto the regulars of their dairy or meat, which add to meat-related diseases like coronaries and high blood pressure.

3. Organic bring into being easily tastes better. Fruit and vegetables are much more full of flavor. Carry out trial with an organic carrot and a traditionally grown carrot. Which is sweeter?

4. Organic food is not certainly more costly than intensively farmed foods, as we pay for normal foods because of our taxes. We spend billions of dollars every year cleaning up the mess that agrochemicals make in our artless water supply.

5. The few extra cents you pay for organic food may save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in doctors' bills.

To your shape and success, Heather

Heather Dominick is a Nutrition-Energy Consultant certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and designer of The Energy Rich Lifestyle Program?. In addendum to her nourishment services, she is a motivating and dynamic speaker.

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