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Your Non-Conscious Mind is 98% of your full power. Over the last combine instruction we skilled you how to use your conscious mind to actively construct the commands for your non-conscious mind to follow.

Your Inner Calculating is about 986,743 times more able than your non-conscious mind. The aim being is for the reason that this inner conscious has address contact to connect the endless powers of the universe to be the source of results. Some colonize call this your elevated self, your God aura within, your inner CEO, your intrinsic wisdom and a host of other things. The main idea here is there is a power in the universe that formed you and the whole thing else. And when you get this power on your side in creating what you want, it becomes easy and just about effortless.

The inner deliberate is your bond to this power and is like the non-conscious mind in how it just takes commands and does as it is told. Your inner aware takes all your orders, just like the non-conscious mind, if you tell it otherwise. What this means is every time you have a thought, see a picture, say a bit to yourself, etc, etc, your inner conscious is listening and next directions.

Now stop and think for a moment, how many times a day do you have a thought, say a touch to manually or out loud or conceive of a little you don't want? You inner conscious is overwhelmed by all the contradicting communication it is getting. That is why it is so challenging for it to construct domino effect for you. When you are only having judgment for the same goal or aim your inner aware very noticeably knows what to act on and in what direction.

This is why when you work at it, train your mind, focus and be conscious you start producing results. Your inner conscious after hours and days of receiving told the same thing, with other stuff mixed in, at length gets it. Your inner calculating goes, oh, I guess this is what you actually want. Then begins harnessing the powers of the universe to help you complete that request.

Now I am about to share with you an amazing tip that will exponentially speed up the consequences of the whole thing I have communal with you in the preceding lessons. You ready?

You can tell your inner calculating what to snoop to and what not to snoop to. For example: I told my inner conscious that when ever I pause and say "I AM" or "Inner Knowing" - anything is at once followed by those words are what I want you to pay awareness to. All my other thoughts, ideas, pictures, words, etc you can ignore. In this way I do not have to spend months and years exercise my belief to only be exclusively alert on what I want already I start bearing in mind results.

Action Step: Build your hint to Your Inner deliberate (which can be the same as mine) and tell your inner conscious you only want that which closely follows that gesture to be acted upon. Then use this gesture to let your inner calculating know what you want help with.

When You do this, you will space rocket your outcome in any area of your life you ask your inner deliberate for help with.

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