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The makers of Bumble Bee Tuna generated some buzz today by announcing they will be producing a fish oil supplement with their Tuna's name on the bottle. None of the gossip cite if they are using an actual standization and characteristic processes or what methods they are using to guarantee that environmental toxins are not being concentrated into their supplement. Of course, we can't fault the information from the homeland sources for not bringing up this issue. They lack agreement of the branch of learning and are busy demanding to find "doctors" to give them speech marks about a fish oil supplement being more or less efficient than a name brand drug in fighting heart disease.

So maybe again, a bit of circumstance is called for. We are a inhabitants of ancestors affliction from constant diseases not caused by any virus or bacteria. We are a country of citizens consumption an plenty of decidedly processed foods and in receipt of an insufficient sum of nutrients which give the house blocks of our very cells. Chief fatty acids are compulsory for cellular functions all the way through the body. A attribute fish oil supplement supplements the archetypal lack of these "good fats" in our diet.

Once again, a fish oil supplement is a supplement for the nutrients not typically found in our contemporary diets.

The central fatty acid most regularly referred to is the Omega-3 fatty acid. Studies have as a matter of fact been shown that good food intake of Omega-3's cut your risk of coronary conduit disease. Other studies have shown Omega-3 fatty acids having assistance with the check of hypertension, lowering blood pressure, preventing age-related macular degeneration, and even relieving depression and some other mental fitness problems. Of course, if the rest of your diet is junk then you shouldn't anticipate any miracles. Bring to mind you are what you eat. The Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil are just one type of molecule of the many that we know of as the nutrients our very cells need every day to assist normal, artless cell function.

So while the Countrywide media buzzes along if sound bites of news, out of context, bring to mind that no nutrient is an island. Supplements are about supplementing the nutrients gone from the normal, good diet. Those with bad diets need to do a lot more for themselves than just pop a pill. Any pill.

Dave Saunders is a practiced dietetic educator, wellness coach, component of the American Worldwide Alliance of Dietary Learning (AIANE) and author. He is also the host of a weekly, nation-wide call dressing-down on shape and nutrition. For added information, delight visit his site on food and glyconutrients at http://www. glycoboy. com or http://www. glycowellness. com or email Dave at dave@glycoboy. com


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