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The meaning of water - food


Water is the most rich substance in the human body. It is a factor of effectively everything, aside from tooth enamel and bone. We are about 70% WATER, 25% PROTEIN and 5% MINERALS.

You can consider the body as being water, thickened with protein, which prevents us from "running away". This glutinous mass is then hung on a skeleton made up of minerals. Not a very gratifying analogue. But it does put equipment in perspective.

Water performs many functions.

A few of the more central ones follow:

1. Most reactions in our bodies (of which there are millions every second) will not take place if not the reactants are dissolved. For example, the water constituent of our blood dissolves oxygen from our lungs and in this way it can be transported to our cells. Carbon Dioxide is disinterested in the same way.

2. Approximately every cell in our body is submerged in interstitial fluid which is more or less fully water.

3. Most of the molecules in our body are hovering in water and are thus able to come into associate with other molecules. Indeed, water is often a part of these substance reactions.

4. Water is a great stabiliser of body temperature. It absorbs and releases heat very slowly.

5. We have seen that the digestive tract utilises some 2 gallons of water per day. Much of this is reabsorbed, however, a a variety of quantity needs to be replenished daily.

6. Water also acts as a lubricating medium. It is the major part of mucous and other lubricating fluids. Lubrication is chiefly de rigueur in the chest and abdomen, where inner organs touch and slide over each other.

7. Finally, water is the flushing average which is used to clean the kidneys. These vital organs filter our total capacity of blood about every five minutes! Plenty clean water must be demise by means of the kidneys to assemble the wastes from this process. If these toxins are not removed, they will linger in the tissues.

How Much Water Do We Need?

Now let's look at some of the convenient aspects of using water for healing. Choose be very clear that subsequent apposite relating to diet modification, the next most chief step in dietetic development is to bestow the body with adequate clean water.

Most human bodies command 6 to 8 small glasses of pure water every day if they are to behave efficiently. Part of this can be made up from the water enclosed in just this minute squeezed fruit or vegetable juices but not from other drinks like tea or coffee.

Water, or any drink for that matter, ought to not be taken with meals. Ideally, small amounts of water be supposed to be taken hourly. This keeps clean water cursory all the way through the kidneys so that they can flush poisons from our bodies. There is diminutive point in drinking more than half a glass half hourly as this glut will just pass out as clear urine and will not be used to flush. Tap Water and Salts Tap water is not apposite for human consumption. It is brutally laden with dead salts, additives and toxic chemicals and is a slow poison.

How many times have you heard a big shot say, "I don't like water so I never drink it"? The adult years of citizens are abundantly narrow-minded to the toxins and salts in tap water and instinctively avoid drinking it. Conversely their bodies are still reliant on some fluids for survival, so they have soft drinks, tea or brown to disguise the flavour of water. It is plainly the only way they can get it down.

One risk from drinking tap water is its high sandstone content, acutely sandstone salts. A concentration of salts in our tissues favours fluid custody and so we hold too much fluid in our bodies. Similarly, salts "preserve" our innards just as actually as they carry on salty meats and fish. This causes hardening and inelasticity of our arteries.

Both fluid preservation and hardening of the arteries are major contributing factors of hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease. Salts amass in our tissues from the tap water that we drink and from other relating to diet sources. As well as this, we are not drinking an adequate amount water (of any sort) to help flush them away. The badly behaved of salt build up is certainly rectified by drinking distilled water only for a age of time. This will draw salts out of the tissues. Later, one must change to filtered water.

Other Pollutants in Water

Many other chemicals are added to our tap water ahead of we drink it. At the very least this will bring in fluoride. Most drinking water comes from three sources. Appear dam water - to which is added chlorine and fluorine.

Deep artesian water - which is added to the dam water. Ground water - which is brutally dripping wet with floating be of importance and dissolved acids (which give it the brown colour). To clear this water, aluminium sulphate (alum) is added as a coagulant and then substance polyelectrolytes are added to advance calm down the gelatinous wastes. This water is then conceded because of sand filters to delete the complete particles. Some of the chemicals keep on in the water.

This water is then added to the conspire water. So we have the job where our water is brutally inundated with inappropriate granite salts and a large sum of added chemicals. Other pollutants also seep in.

It is now conventional that there is no water bring in in the U. S. A. which is not infected with the toxic filtrate from dry cleaning fluid. Some broken up pollutants must also reach our water. This is a equitably dismal consider but the fact is that belongings are not receiving better. They are receiving worse. It is clear that we are at a snail's pace poisoning our planet, and one of the first spaces that this shows up is in our drinking water.

So, What Water is Best?

There are about five main sources of water that you can drink. The first is Tap water and we have seen why that is not a choice. The be with is bottled marble water, which can be quite high in marble salts. It is but moderately pure and is quite agreeable to drink socially. The other three choices bear more comprehensive analysis.

Distilled Water

This is bent by boiling water and condensing the steam. This water is very pure. It also carries a Depressing divergence as a consequence of the distilling process. This divergence is assertively attracted to trace reserves and other basics that make up what we could call whole water. Since of its purity, it is also decidedly permeable of salts and other minerals. Distilled water is as a result very actual at leakage too much mineral deposits and salts from the body.

It is also very sweet and pure tasting. Since of its capacity to delete minerals, it must only be used exclusively for short periods of up to 6 months. Longer than this and it can begin to leach critical natural resources from the body. Distilled water, taken as 6 to 8 small glasses not more than 1 every half hour, is as a result indicated in any Curative food attempt to disease for short periods of time.

It is astonishingly effectual as an add-on to the care of hypertension and arthritis. Entertain note that de-ionised water from the supermarket is bent using a assorted treatment. A diminutive won't hurt but it is not the same as pure distilled water.

Tank Water

Tank water is doubtless the ideal water to drink but there are some factors which must be considered. The roofs of houses in the metro area are constantly collecting heavy metals like lead from car exhausts and other above ground pollutants. Roofs and gutters are not continually clean. Nor are the album tanks. Roofs in rural areas may be even more assume chiefly if there is crop dusting or aerial or spray pesticides being used. Constantly be concerned about these factors and the font of tank water beforehand using it.

Filtered Water

It is quite an indictment on our current civilization but all clothes considered, filtered water is almost certainly the best choice. There are a add up to of types of filters available. These comprise clean carbon filters. Also more advanced carbon filters with silver mesh apparatus which annihilate bacteria.

Then there are the more classy annul osmosis filters which churn out very clean water, at the same time as still retaining a a number of sum of the precious trace minerals. All filters hold on to trace mineral deposits but their characteristic effectiveness at removing pollutants is proportional to their cost.

In summary, tap water must never be drunk or used for cooking or construction beverages. With a few exceptions, we ought to all drink 6 to 8 small glasses of clean water all over the day. A minor amount would be agreeable if some fresh juices are incorporated in the diet. Therapeutically, distilled water is the first choice, then affecting on to filtered water or clean rain water.

Most citizens will announcement a extensive advance in their shape when they begin to take the right quantity of clean water each day.

Dee is a Physician of Reflexology, Homeopathic Practitioner, Proficient Aromatherapist, and Reiki Master. Her site is AkobiAromas. com - a font of condition aromatherapy, herbal and reflexology in order and products.


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