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How chief fatty acids advance your brain power and mental healthiness - food


What is your brain made of

Over 50% of your brain is made of good fat. Twenty percent of this good fat comes from EPA and DHA. Bring to mind EPA and DHA comes from,

* omega-3 fatty acids

* ingestion fish

* borage oil

* primrose oil

* parilla oil

* NOK oil

I have enclosed all these oils in other articles apart from NKO Krill Oil. This oil is the new kid on the block. It comes from Polar krill, a crustacean found in the Glacial waters. It provides EPA and DHA like borage oil does, but its substance assembly is phospholipids. Phospholipids are easier for your cells to absorb than borage oil's EPA and DHA, which is in the form of tryglycerides.

The critical fatty acids afford the element molecules to make Phospholipids. These phospholipids arrange as one to form a defending barrier about each cell in your body.

If the fatty acids are in phospholipids form, your body is able to use them faster and more efficiently.

This is what makes NOK oil a more bio-available complex oil than borage or primrose oil.

If you are imperfect in the critical fatty acids, you will be more susceptible to these conditions:

* Alzheimer's disease

* Concern and body stress

* Heart disease

* Concentration arrears disorder

* Concentration discrepancy hyperactivity disorder

* Bipolar disorder

* Continual tiredness syndrome

* Depression

* Knowledge disorders

* Recall impairment

* Parkinson's disease

* Schizophrenia

Making Your Brain Work Like It Should

Your brain needs a good daily bring of the chief fatty acid omega-3. It also uses omega-6 and AA (Arachidonic acid). So this means attractive a good dose of NKO oil is a de rigueur daily dull for maintenance your brain from shrinking.

Alzheimer's disease

Doctors accept as true that if every one lived to be over 120 years, they would come down with Alzheimer's disease. It is a disease that once your have it, all you can do, at this time, is to slow its advance using a variety of drugs and nutrients.

Before your brain starts to deteriorated to where it contains nodules of toxins, additional corrosion due to free radicals, and cave in and reduction blood vessels, it might be a good idea to start feeding it the food it needs.

DHA is in order for Alzheimer's disease. When DHA is imperfect in your diet, you can anticipate to have recall loss and develop into depressed as you age.

Lecithin is also in order since it helps to afford choline, a antecedent to the recollection neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It also endow with the chemicals to construct RNA.

Heart disease is carefully associated to Alzheimer's since the heart must be bright a sufficient amount to pump abundance of blood into the brain and the arteries must open adequate to circulate adequate blood because of the brain and all over your body.

Even if you don't come down with Alzheimer's or your children description doesn't assist it, most of us are in line for dementia. Dementia is also attributed to decline of brain cells and assistance tissue. One of the causes of dementia is a diet that has been faulty in the chief fatty acids.

Here are my commendation for supplementing with the chief fatty acids:

* Eat more good fish, at least once a week and intermittently twice a week

* Eat less fat and acutely inundated fat. A good add up to for daily fat intake is 15-20% of your complete calories.

* Take daily, flax seed oil and olive oil for the omega-3 and omega-6 oils

* Take a daily supplement of NKO or Borage oil which materials EPA and DHA

Rudy Silva has a grade in Physics and is a Accepted Nutritionist. He is the dramatist of Constipation, Acne, Hemorrhoid, and Fatty Acid ebooks. He writes a newsletter called "Natural Remedies Thatwork. com " For more in order on critical fatty acids go to http://www. fatty-acid-remedies. for--you. info


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