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The egg, the badge of birth, of life and, therefore, of bound has been celebrated by numerous cultures at this time of the year. Eggs were given as gifts at bound festivals in antediluvian Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome. They were often dyed red to symbolize the power of the womb. Eggs, of course, still play an chief role in our springtime holidays, but the real power comes from managing and consumption eggs at this time of year. It is said that at the exact jiffy of the Equinox an egg can be balanced on it's end as the earth is at it's basic consider point (if you try it, write me and let me know how it went!)

So what does the egg have to offer us nutritionally?

Eggs for Balance

Despite the decline in egg consumption, they still make " . . . critical food contributions to the American diet," according to Dr. Won O. Song, PhD, and Jean M. Kerver, MS, of the Food and Sustenance List Delve into Center, Area of Food Knowledge and Human Nutrition, Michigan State University. They are nutritious, tasty, versatile and convenient. Eggs are an brilliant basis of high-quality lean protein and are far less classy than most other animal-protein foods. Eggs also provide important amounts of quite a few vitamins and raw materials (vitamin A, riboflavin, and others).

Although eggs control a important total of cholesterol, they need not be excluded from the diet. They just need to be eaten with education:

In 1 large egg, the yolk contains 5 grams total fat, 2 grams flooded fatty acids, 213 milligrams cholesterol, and 60 calories. The egg white contains 15 calories.

Eggs are one of the most healthful foods you can eat. However, it is central that you eat organic eggs. This is not inevitably cage-free or "free range" eggs. According to Dr. Mercola of www. mercola. com, An egg is careful organic if the chicken was only fed organic food and will not have bioaccumulated high levels of pesticides from the grains (mostly bioengineered corn) fed to characteristic chickens.

For more full food information, check out Nutrient Value of Eggs at http://www. enc-online. org/eggnutr. htm by the Egg Nourishment Core (ENC).

Heather Dominick is a New York State Proficient Educator, Holistic Nutrition Counselor ascribed by the American Alliance of Drugless Practitioners and the initiator of The Sustenance and Life Transformation Program?. She delivers Diet Keynotes, Wellness Workshops and Seminars at conferences and companies. To be given bi-monthly Food and Lifestyle Tips you can (a) subscribe to her free e-Newsletter at http://www. individual-health. net or call 917-940-5337 to see how she may be able to help.


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