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First of all you have to have a bucket. You will soon want to have a few with you as the berries are so good that you never get enough, exceptionally when you start freezing them, cooking them for jams and sauces or, my favorite, putting them in the food processor with a number of effects for a break of day liquid breakfast and treat. Anyway, even if your first goal is to just get a sufficient amount for your breakfast cereal, you will apt get agreed away and want more and more and more. We all do!

There are all sorts of container carry methods. Some have replaced the bail of the pail with a strap and hooks so they can sling it about their neck, over their shoulder or even about their waist. You can get an changeable luggage strap, with a heavy shoulder pad and non-slip grip, from the luggage store. It previously has the end hooks, which can be fond of to the pail, and such a strap can be had about twelve bucks. Just take off the bail and appear a way to affix the hooks to the pail. You can experimentation with all sorts of carry arrangements.

Some of the old-timers, like my Pop Pop, used to lace their belt all the way through the pail and just let it hang as they walked about each bush and pulled out until it was full. He had both hands free to pick that way. Who would ever want to pick with only one hand? That's way too slow! When I was younger I hung the pail about by neck on a big soft rope. Now I use the luggage strap approach and adjust it about all the time for comfort and utility. I think most citizens just hold and move the pail or slip one arm all through it to the elbow, like you would carry a purse while paying the cashier.

Most folks seem to look for those giant blueberries (or any other berry they are picking) and often leave all the small and commonplace ones. I like the ripest fruit the best, by far. I have been known to go to where the shrubbery have previously been pulled out a few days beforehand and get the ready-to-burst ripe berries. Some scientists say that a fruit is not fully nourishing until the minute it is ready to fall to the base as a seed carrier. I am that way too. I favor all my fruit when it is so ripe that I just touch it and it falls into my hands. The composite substance changes in the plant that turn the fruit into a achieve food for the seed occur just already it falls to earth and that is when I want it for my body's use.

I like the fruit plump, juicy and cool! I eat a LOT as I pick, so for me the very best time of the day to pick is the cool of the early morning, as early as I can display it. There is no change for the better way to start the day than preference blueberries in the field and having a belly full of fresh berries for breakfast. I just give the bank clerk more money to pay for all the berries I eat while picking. My beloved alternative fantasy, and one I've luckily enjoyed a few times, is preference at sunrise in a heavy cool dew and staying at it 'till the warming sun has burned off the last of the dampness and I'm full as a tick on a hound dog's ear.

The cool of the nightfall is a different good time to pick, when the sun has had the intact day to foster the grass and push that good juice into the berry. I love the feel of the cool air and the amiability of the sun burned soil appearance up in my face, when I pick berries in the cool, late, day or early evening! Personally, I am not a middle-of-the-hot-sunny-day picker. Some like it hot. I don't. There is amazing exclusive about having a fasten of full pails of blueberries beside me as I pass through home in my vehicle at sunset.

Blueberries are a delight to pick, at Ryan's Blueberry Farm, as they are tended in rows with good under your own steam sitting room in-between. The thorns are not a badly behaved like they are on other berries, or some of the wild berries at the edge of fields and woods. At Ryan's I can wear a T-shirt, shorts and even flip-flops if I want. As I am not a heat of the day picker, I don't need the big straw hat. If you pick center of the day, to do your berry harvesting, bring a big cool hat and sunscreen.

Some of my choice times have been when I've chosen with brood or a friend. I have a bad back so blueberries are nowhere near the agitate that strawberries are! What a relief that is! Still, for berry picking, I like to bring my insubstantial folding stool or chair. Near flimsy folding stools and chairs are existing at K-Mart, WallMart or in the open air provisions like Sunny's Surplus. In the old days, lots of folks about here used to bring the milking stools with them or even a folding card-table chair to move about the scrub with. They weighed a lot more than my folding stool that I got from a hunting store where they sell them to the dove hunters.

As I am only engrossed in the ripest of the berries, I only seek those that are deep, dark, and blue all over. They aren't ripe till they are deepest blue. It's that deep blue that has all the miracle ingredients that makes blueberries one of the healthiest foods on earth! Let the immature blueberry-children grow -- leave the immature ones to ripen is my motto.

Like all fruit that I'm aware of, the ripe berries are ready to fall off the bush and the immature ones need some pulling and tugging. When the kids are with me, I tell them that if the bush is emotive much when they pull the berries, the berries are not ripe. Sure, the fresh berries will get more blue if you set them in the sunlight, even after you pick them. But, I doubt that they are receiving all the same nutrients from just the sun that they would be being paid on the plant if they stayed there until they were done. The bush developed ones seem to be a lot sweeter to me.

I look ahead to being stained again this year, with fresh and healthful berries from the farm. Those ones in the store just don't make it for me, but for that is all I can get.

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