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You are a sandstone body

Every part of you is made from reserves - your bones, cell structure, lymph liquid, arteries, organs, tissue, muscle, hair, and so on. You cannot live lacking minerals. Your body does not bring into being minerals.

Where do you get your minerals? You get them from vegetables and fruits and good supplements. Since only 10% of the associates eat a sufficient amount fruits and vegetable, the rest of you are defective in minerals.

If we eat an adequate amount of vegetables and fruits, why do we have to take a marble supplement?

Long time ago when the soil was rich in minerals, vegetable and fruits were jammed pack with minerals. Fruits and vegetables were not selected early, frozen, waxed, radiated, or stored in argon gas. Those who ate these vegetables and fruits obtained an enough amount of reserves and seldom has a deficiency.

Today the conflicting is true. You and I cannot get adequate raw materials from intake fruits and vegetables. Now we eat more cooked vegetables, more vegetables in packages, fruits and vegetables that are waxed, and vegetables from other countries not processed properly.

Today, we need to supplement our consumption practice with a live granite liquid to make up for the lack of raw materials in the good food and junk food we eat.

Here is a fractional list of illnesses and their associated granite deficiencies and below each sandstone is the food that is main in that mineral.

* Calcium - losing ground gums, PMS, panic attacks, muscle cramps, lungs weak, low back pain, kidney stones, insomnia, bone weakness, bone spurs, calcium deposits.

** Foods - cheeses, hut cheeses, dulse, greens, kelp, goat milk, sesame seeds, coarse puffed rice grains, seeds and almonds.

* Sodium - impatient nerves, poor eyesight, mental confusion, lack of saliva, front headache, white layered tongue, cracking joints, fatigue, attacking breath, stiff tendons, stiff joints

** Foods - goat milk, goat whey, black mission figs, apples, apricots, kale, kelp, prunes, raisins, strawberries, sunflower seeds, black olives, celery, dulse, asparagus, greens

*Potassium - fearfulness, mental illness, low energy, pains and aches, body acidity, bent concerning violence, suspiciousness, loss of ambition, nervousness, negativity

* Foods - black olives, dulse, potato coming off broth, bitter greens, kelp, Irish moss, a range of seeds and nuts, apple cider vinegar, soy milk, spinach, goat milk, grapes, apples, bananas, cheese, cucumbers, fish, dale, lettuce

* Magnesium - A. D. D. , anorexia, main calcification, low calcium absorption, convulsions, depression, gastrointestinal disturbances, cyst failure, menstrual migraines, osteoporosis, tremors, hot temper, fainting

** Foods - seeds and nuts, blond cornmeal, rice polishings, wheat germ, avocados, coconuts, spinach, goat milk, grapes, honey, whole wheat

* Phosphorus - continuous weakness, neuralgia, numbness, lack of confidence, slow oxygenation, aware to noise or criticism, fatigue

* Foods - meat, egg yolk, dairy products, fish, almonds, rice bran, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, lentils, sunflower seeds, almonds, a choice of types of beans, carrots, pecans, lentils, cabbage

* Manganese - A. D. D. , asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, convulsions, loss of libido, miscarriage, retarded cyst rate, still birth, TMJ, nightmares

** Foods - black walnuts, and other nuts and seeds, pineapple, parsley, leaf lettuce, celery, blueberries, black eyed peas, apricots

* Copper - A. D. D. , anemia, arthritis, behavior-violent, clever palsy, high cholesterol, eyelids sagging, gray or white hair, hernia, liver cirrhosis, education disabilities, low blood sugar, slow healer, high risk of strokes, varicose veins

** Foods - liver, sea foods, almonds, greens, leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals

* Selenium - age spots, aging skin, Alzheimer's, cancer, cystic fibrosis, fatigue, heart palpitations , HIV, hypothyroidism, liver damage, burly weakness, scoliosis

** Foods - wheat germ, bran, whole grains, onions, broccoli, eggs, seafood's, milk products, meat, asparagus, tomatoes, mushrooms, nuts

* Iodine - goiter, menstrual difficulties, assessment confused, heart and lung problems

** Foods - kelp, fish, dulse, sea plants, watermelon, okra, mustard greens, green peppers, eggplant, brussels sprouts, carrots chives, artichokes, agar

* Iron - fatigue, low auto-immunity, anemia, depression, low blood pressure, slow speech, poor memory, susceptibly to colds

** Foods - greens, unsulphured dried fruits, dulse, kelp, Irish moss, black cherries, black berries, liquid chlorophyll, strawberries, celery, spinach, rice polishings sunflower seeds, blackstrap molasses, eggs, goat milk, pinto beans

* Zinc - A. D. D. , hair loss, habitual birth defects, body odor, brain defects, diarrhea, slow healer, heart defects, hernia, impotence, lung defects, prostate enlargement, loss of sense of smell, short stature, webbed toes

* Foods - goat milk, brewer's yeast, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, wheat bran, high protein foods, cow's milk

* Chromium - A. D. D. , unexpected credence loss, low sperm count, pre diabetes, manic depression, culture disabilities, impaired growth, hyperactivity, coronary blood vessel disease, cataracts, low blood sugar

* Foods - brewer's yeast, whole grain cereals, clams, meat, cloves and spices, corn oil.

There are more reserves than the ones planned above. This is just a start, so that you can see why reserves are so important. A dependable lack of a aspect granite can lead to a critical illness.

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