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Our diet is an critical feature for the formation of our body. It is noticeably mentioned in an Ayurvedic classic 'Charak Samhita' that consuming criminal diet in crooked way is the main cause of 'Disease'.

According to 'Charak Samhita -"An correct and as it should be diet in a disease is alike to hundred drugs and any extent of drug by a hair's breadth compares to good domino effect in disease lacking next accurate relating to diet regimen"

Ayurvedic has mentioned next main beliefs for existing full span of life with complete health.

Diet ought to be keeping up charming into bill the 'Desha'(territory), 'Kala' (Season as well as time of the day) etc. On must be in a habit of charming all six 'Rasa' (tastes) in order to check dietary deficiency disorders.

Time of consuming food : A being ought to take meal only when he feels hungry. Lunch must be taken early connecting 12 and 1P. M. this coincides with the peak Pitta period, Pitta is conscientious for the digestion. Ayurveda recommends that the lunch be supposed to be the biggest meal of the day. The dinner must be less significant and lighter than lunch

Quantity of food : Commonly half of the aptitude of stomach must be overflowing with solids, th with liquids and rest kept empty for the free activities of body humors.

Sequence of consuming food :Madhur (sweet) rasa food like fruits are advisable to take in the bigining of meal, food with Amla and Lavana (sour and salty) rasa in the average and Katu,Tikta,Kashay (bitter ,astringent and pungent) foods ought to be taken at the end of meal

Method of consuming food :

* Wash the face hands and feet ahead of meal. Dine in an cut off neat and clean place in amiable ecosystem with the friendly personnel in meeting position.

* Food ought to be taken after absolute absorption of preceding one.

* Hard items ought to be consumed in the establishment followed by soft and liquids subsequently.

* Few sips of water is advised now and then while charming meal.

* Heavy substances are contraindicated after meals and ought to be avoided

* Expenditure of extreme hot food leads to weakness. Cold and dry food leads to delayed digestion. Intake of food equipped by benevolent extra

heat leads to 'Glani'. Hence expenditure of such food be supposed to be avoided

Incompatible Food (Viruddha ahara):

Milk followed by fruits and vice versa.

Soar substance along with milk.

Milk with salt, horse gram, green gram & cow gram

Wheat arrangements in gingelly oil(Tila taila)

Hot drinks after alcohol, curd or honey.

Cold and hot substances together

Banana with curd and butter milk

Chicken with curd

Ghee kept in figure vessel

Radish with jaggery

Fish with jaggery or sugar

Jingelly seeds with kanjika.

Use of contradictory food leads to skin disorders, Gastro intestinal . Disorders , anaemia, leucoderma hyperacidity powerlessness etc. hence ought to be avoided.

General Rules about food burning up :

Walk a while after meal to help digestion

No travelling, application or sexual intercourse contained by one hour after meal.

Avoid meals when craving and water while hungry.

Avoid meals after exertion

Avoid meals when you are having no appetite.

Don't suppress the eagerness as it leads to body pain, anorexia, lassitude, lightheadedness and broad-spectrum debility

Don't suppress the thirst as it leads to broad debility, faintness and heart diseases.

Consumption of the fresh, acceptable, by a long shot free and companionable food with a number of nutrients is a key to lead a good for your health life.

About The Author

Dr. Shashikant Patwardhan is active as 'Ayurvedic Consultant' for last 25 years at the city -Sangli , Maharashtra -India.

He has done his graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery [B. A. M&S] and post accommodate Affiliation of Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine [F. F. A. M. ] From Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune Academy , India, for the duration of the years 1970-1976.

He is a chief editor and Ayurvedic Consultant of a 'Comprehensive website on Ayurveda - http://www. ayurveda-foryou. com

He is an biographer of many books on Ayurveda and is first to bring out them in ebook format. He has in print ebooks like - Ayurvedic Cure of Diabetes , Home Remedies in Ayurveda , Treat Customary Diseases with Ayurveda & Yoga , Ayurvedic Doctrine Revealed.

He frequently writes articles on a mixture of topics in Ayurveda in Ayurvedic shape magazines and different medicine sites.

editor@ayurveda-foryou. com


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