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The power of capsulized foods - sustenance


For most people, the belief of capsulized food? customarily conjures up metaphors of space travelers ingesting meals condensed into a compact pill. However, in modern-day reality, equipment are quite different. Capsulized foods are one of the most innovative dietetic advancements in contemporary memory, and will soon be converted into a big - and amply valued - conception surrounded by the fit intake community.

To appreciate what capsulized foods are and how they are positively shifting the way the world eats, it is advantageous to see the badly behaved that capsulized foods are considered to solve. In a word, that catch is: lack.

Despite the developing awareness of consumption healthy, most attempts to endow with citizens with good for you meal and dietetic crop bear from some kind of 'lack'.

There is a lack of convenience. Many foods are not packaged for convenience. Those that are fitting are oftentimes a lot processed and packed with fake ingredients. And, preparing meals often requires a luxury of time many regulars do not have.

There is a lack of portability. This is a as the crow flies additional room of convenience. All the same a full-course meal may give the right sum of low glycemic carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and absolute proteins, it is often tethered to the kitchen table.

There is a lack of sources. Our world is plentiful with accepted and processed foods. Yet, judgment the right code of those foods to meet our dietetic needs is challenging for many. The array of choices adds to the confusion, and every so often the food selections we want are not accessible to us. Whether one is on a low carbohydrate, low fat, or isometric diet, discovery the right foods and incorporating them into our daily lifestyle requires effort.

There is a lack of nutrient-density. This refers to the total of sustenance surrounded by a given food. For example, a soft pretzel weighing 60 grams has a low density of nutrition, but an egg also weighing 60 grams has a high density of nutrition. Ounce for ounce, many processed foods possess less food value (or, density) than whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, many processed foods have great merit since they do endow with dense nourishment in a small total of food. The challenge is in identifying the foods that are rich in nutrients versus the foods that are not.

It is surrounded by this location of lack that capsulized foods endow with real consumption solutions. At times called "compact liquid foods", capsulized foods are awfully portable, command no homework time at all, and journey by a long shot due to their small, durable, and frivolous containers. At the same time, capsulized foods are liquefied, which allows them to be abruptly consumed. This is of central consequence to eaters who cleanly do not have time to coach and then sit all through a established meal. Capsulized foods are also awfully rich in nutrients, and in fact afford the maximum food value per fluid ounce of any food creation on the market. As such, capsulized foods in actual fact solve the lack of convenience, portability, and nutrition-density in a single, cost-effective consumption solution.

Yet there is a further key characteristic of capsulized foods that must be present; in fact, it is arguably the most crucial bearing of all: taste[i].

Research has proven that food supplements of any kind will cleanly not have a lasting bearing if taste is not a core aim consideration. True, while colonize are enthusiastic to tolerate foul-tasting cough medicine, they only do so as the frequency is a few times per year. Eating, however, is an bustle - and for many, an enjoyable bustle - that ancestors engage in on a daily basis; numerous times a day, in fact. Asking ancestors to tolerate bad relating to diet foods is cleanly not a cheap expectation, and for years, any challenge to coin capsulized food has been incapable to overcome this hurdle. That is, until very recently. Manufacturers today be au fait with that in order to arise a capsulized food - a food that can befit a attach in consumer diets -- taste is paramount.

Capsulized foods often bestow a absolute macronutrient- and micronutrient-enriched meal in a only a few liquid ounces. This allows clients to go from hungry to satiated, and from famished to nourished in less than five seconds. And at about 100 to 200 calories, capsulized foods are apposite for those on calorie-reduced diets, or those who easily want to argue their weight.

The essential affect promote for dietetic supplements is no longer elite athletes, but the millions of everyday associates who have been exposed, some since birth, to sugared cereals, fast foods, potato chips, candy bars, and caffeinated soft drinks[ii]. This broad group of regulars is attracted in fit choices, but has proven its conclusive power in punishing goods that fail to reach the lofty bar set by taste buds. They also ask convenience, and capsulized foods deliver.

Eaters can now, by means of capsulized foods, enjoy the convenience, portability, nutritional-density, and taste that they have demanded for decades. This bodes well for not only the flow generation, but expectations generations as well, who will have contact to capsulized foods as viable and clever intake options.


Founded in 2001, Protica, Inc. is a dietary examination firm with offices in Lafayette Hill and Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Protica manufactures capsulized foods, plus Profect, a compact, hypoallergenic, ready-to-drink protein brew containing zero carbohydrates and zero fat. In sequence on Protica is accessible at http://www. protica. com

You can also learn about Profect at http://www. profect. com


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