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Nails are a defensive horn at the end of our most aware extremities: fingers and toes. They can often be converted into injured from accidents or crushing credence such as heavy on foot or running. They can also befall infected from bacterial or fungal infections as well as separated from the nail bed or chipped from harsh weather.

The nails are often a consideration of our complete healthiness or food deficiencies. Some ways to pay attention to what your nails are difficult to tell you are:

? Iron/Protein/Calcium Deficiency = brittle, concave, ridged, white half moons

? Too much salt = outer leathery growths

? Jumpiness / hyper thyroid = separation of the nail bed

? Respiratory Difficulties = bluish discoloration

? Bronchial Difficulties = yellowish discoloration

? Anemia = pale nail beds

? Vitamin A Deficiency = coming off nails

? Zinc Deficiency = poor nail growth

? Vegetable Characteristic Oils Deficiency = thin, easily broken nails

? Drinking Extremes in Diet (especially meats and refined foods) = washboard ridges

What we eat essentially does assume the advent of these exterior parts of our bodies. Start paying concentration to your hands (and feet!) and feeding your body right.

The food we put IN the body affects the healthiness of our nails, but that doesn't mean to completely dispense with the food we put ON the body either. Different to many astoundingly smart marketing campaigns you don't need to spend a lot of money on chemically enhanced crop to come across dilution and beauty on your outside.

Natural oils are an first-rate way to treat the outdoor clause of the feel and toenails. Altered oils assume the body differently. A great way to clarify what oil would suit your body best is to assay your heritage and bond to the predominant oil in that part of the world.

Once you have indomitable which is best for your detail body's need use some time in the nightfall to take a "nail bath" (remember ? the skin is our most absorbent organ ?)

1. Allow your nails to soak in a small bowl of oil or gently rub the oil into the nails

2. Cover with filament gloves, cord socks

3. Sleep

Top Three Oils to Treat Your Nails Right

1. Coconut Oil: one of the few big plant sources of lauric acid. This avenue chain fatty acid, which is also found in human milk, enhances brain do and the immune system.

2. Palm Kernel: when unrefined, this high infiltration oil is the one of the most committed of oils given that concentration and best dissemination to the skin.

3. Olive Oil: the most balanced vegetable oil, high in vitamin E, provides aid to the liver and gallbladder (yes, no affair how you take it into the body).

Now, take a detailed and think about how those chemically enhanced skin and nail products are disturbing your body ?

To your physical condition and success, Heather

Heather Dominick is a Nutrition-Energy Consultant and author of The EnergyRICH Lifestyle ProgramTM. She delivers Diet Keynotes, Wellness Workshops and seminars at conferences and companies. To accept bi-monthly Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips you can (a) subscribe to her free e-Newsletter at http://www. individual-health. net or (b) call her at 917-940-5337 to chat about your health concerns and see how she can help.


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